The car collection of Harry & Sharon Michlitsch over 600 antique restorable cars

This time last year I was in South Dakota photographing one of the best car collections I have ever seen. I was on way to Alaska and as I always do when traveling I tend to take the backroads. I saw an auction sign for 600 plus old cars coming up for auction so I punched the address in my GPS and headed that way. What I found was amazing not only were their over 600 cars but the setting was beyond belief. The cars where placed around two small lakes and the collection was amazing. I spent a few days taking some pics and decided to continue on to Alaska. I could not get the cars out of my mind and ended up going back. The collection was auctioned off on sep 18th & 19th of 2010. I think I ended up spending about 3 weeks photographing everything I could including the auction. Harrys knowledge of cars was amazing he could tell you what car a part was from and what years the part would fit. The first day of the auction was for the cars and the second day was for parts. Harry and his wife Sharon spent over two years getting ready for the sale. They got titles to all the cars they could and organized the parts. People came from all over the country for the sale and many came from Canada. There was people sleeping in there cars and campers on the property for the weekend.  While many of the cars where saved there was plenty that people bought and took the parts they wanted off and left the cars for the crusher that was coming after the sale. I spend alot of time driving around looking for old cars to photograph and its harder every year to find what Im looking for. Its sad that I didnt meet Harry earlier but Im so lucky to have meet him at all.  Its been almost a year now and I still havent worked on all the pics I took. Im sure ill be working on them still this time next year. It was a privledge to get to know Harry & Sharon and some of their family.  Here is a link to the video I did of the sale.

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